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Superhero Man!



One of the things I didn't like about working on "Ran-Over Possum Man" was the name. So I tried long and hard to think of another superhero name. Then it hit me. Most every superhero has the "man" suffix: Superman, Spider-Man, Batman. So why not just say he's Superhero Man? So that's what I am doing.


This involved changing all instances of "Ran-Over Possum Man" to his new name. Even the Super Game Boy border. When that was done, I tried to make a new level. But I couldn't make the stupid music work in it.

Eventually I solved the problem which was as simple as changing the bank3 in bank 4's line in the compile.bat to bank4. I had copied and pasted the line for bank 3 to use for bank 4, but I forgot to change its instances of using "bank 3" to "bank 4". Duh.

So I designed the road on which level 3 will be taking place. Something grabbed me right away:


The background's text was white instead of dark brown. Since I don't know how to change the text color, I had to redo this pretty looking road.


This is better, but the clouds were a loss. Perhaps I'll make them light gray and be sprites and have them drift across the screen as you move along. That would look really cool. And doable since all I'd have on the screens are this:

  • sprites 0, 1 and 2 would be the lines on the roard.
  • sprites 3 and 4 would be the front of the car that moves from side to side.
  • sprite 5 is the chicken.

That would leave me with some sprites to make into clouds. Heck, I could even do this on the Intellivision if I felt like it. But I don't. So I won't.


My brain hurts from attempting to figure out why the music wasn't working, so tomorrow after I wake up (like 4 p.m. or so!) I'll start anew on programming. Tonight I'll design the car and chicken and road lines and clouds.


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