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I worked some more on that chrisword puzzle. I worked some more on a music composition I had begun about a year ago and never got around to finishing. And then my eye started to hurt. I took some chewable aspirin. It was disgusting even though cherry flavored. Then I barfed a whole bunch. Barfed up all I had eaten that day. Went to lay in bed and soon I felt another urge. So I went to the bathroom and barfed a whole lot more. Felt a little better, but I needed to go to sleep. Sleep is usually what cures these migraines.


I had a hard time sleeping. I'd get to sleep and then wake up about an hour later. I did this from about 4 pm to around 7 am, when I thought I'd get up. I felt a whole lot better. Enough to go to the store and get my pills and a Watermelon Berry freeze at Taco Bell. I wondered what happened to the cherry one. That was amazing. I like the watermelon one, but not as much as the cherry one. I didn't see it on the menu so they must have discontinued it.


I got some batteries at the store for my Lynx. Didn't realize they were Energizer. We apparently are a Duracell family, but fortunately I don't care so I'll use them. My Lynx is supposed to come in the mail tomorrow.


So anyway, yeah, limes. I decided that from now on, all my albums of 26-minute long piano songs will have a lime theme. Lime Time, subLIME, and others I haven't thought of yet. Limes are funny. But I don't like their taste. I guess I have...


The cover for it. I can fit 3 26-minute long songs on a CD. I made an album of these in 2018 and another one in 2019. And I discovered I had been working on a third one but I stopped working on it and went to do other things I guess.


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