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NTS-1 Patch Editor Program 80% complete



After the MIDI Keyboard started working, the change channel, Radio buttons and adjusting the control values quickly followed.  These were assembled into TEST15.APP and the video was recorded.


The NTS-1 arpeggiator was turned on and the controls were adjusted.  The control values were sent by moving the mouse pointer into the slide area.  While the mouse was over the area,  the value was displayed above the slide.  While the button was pressed, the value was sent to  the NTS-1 and displayed in the radio button area.  An "XXX" indicates that the control hasn't been set.


The patch evolved throughout the video. Near the end it started to produce a sound resembling an organ (I think).




Now the LOAD and SAVE routines have to be written and a couple of minor changes need to be made. I think I'm going to start by writing a Save routine for the Random Patch Generator.  Considering the last time I programed using the FILESELECT macro was 1993, I can use some practice.


 It seemed like yesterday until I looked at the 30 year old program listing.

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