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Starfield (Xbox One)

Random Terrain


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I'm sure I'll forget most of this stuff once I stop playing, so here are some random thoughts and tips in case I or anyone else wants to know in the future.


I had some gift card money built up, so I bought Starfield on September 13, 2023 for $74.71 without realizing that the only way it works on my Xbox is through the "cloud." So I bought three months of Game Pass Ultimate at Amazon.com. I've been disconnected from the cloud countless times and the game randomly freezes up (just like all the Bethesda games I've played before). It's very irritating when the game freezes up when trying to save.


There could be semi-spoilers below depending on how much you don't know about the game. Read at your own risk.








Do Not Trust Auto Save


Always save manually since you could lose hours of gameplay if you trust auto save. I've also had the game freeze up while trying to save manually, so expect that to happen more than once.




Favorite Weapon


Commander's Advanced Orion

ENGY 234


ROF 33 - RANGE 60 - ACC 85.2%

  • Long Barrel
  • Recon Laser Sight
  • Medium Scope
  • Focus Nozzle
  • Ignition Beams
  • Amplifier


That's after I fixed it up at weapon workbench with all of the crap you need unlocked and a bunch of resources. I've tried all kinds of weapons and none of them seem to be as good as my fixed up Orion. My Orion kills just about anything in a few shots. Weapons that are supposed to be at least two times more powerful seem to do less damage.


Since I only use one weapon, I buy 3KV LZR CARTRIDGE AMMO every chance I get. I have almost 4,000 in my inventory at this time. I had more the first time I played if I remember correctly.


I don't know if it's because I was at level 80, but I found and fixed up a new Corrosive Commander's Advanced Orion. It has the same stats as above (except it has ENGY 222 instead of ENGY 234). It also deals double damage to targets with full health and randomly deals corrosive damage and reduces the target's armor over 6 seconds.


I found this at level 81 or 82:


Eternity's Gate Legendary Particle Beam Rifle

PHYS 163 - ENGY 608

AMMO Heavy Particle Fuse - MAG 20

ROF 25 - RANGE 70 - ACC 81.6%

  • Long Barrel
  • Recon Laser Sight
  • Recon Scope
  • Focus Nozzle
  • Ignition Beams
  • Amplifier


I'm using this new one for now.



Favorite Spacesuit


I don't really like the special spacesuit you get after finishing the game a certain way, so I went back to the Mantis outfit. I fixed up all three pieces the best I could and it seems to be better in general than the other spacesuits I've fixed up and tried.




Favorite Powers


Personal Atmosphere

This is my favorite power since I collect a ton of stuff to sell when taking out a bunch of bad guys (I quickly get encumbered). I can create a bubble of oxygen for a certain amount of time and run at high speed.


Sense Star Stuff

See living humans even when they are behind walls. Helpful when fighting bad guys or trying to find crew members on your large ship.


Elemental Pull

Instantly extract nearby resources from the ground.


Void Form

Becoming invisible is great for stealing ships from bad guys.





FUEL 1300

HULL 1576

CARGO 38460



BAL 74 - MSL 581 - PAR 38





I adapted the Star Eagle and now the cargo hold capacity is 38,460. I got tired of going back to the basement of the Lodge. I can keep most of my resources on the ship and upgrade things using the ship's workbenches.


Thanks to this page I found out that the Stroud Battle Station 2x2 (sold in the Stroud-Ecklund shop in Neon) increases crew capacity by a significant amount.


I didn't know until my second time playing that I could put stuff into or take stuff out of my ship's cargo hold from a fairly long distance away from the ship. For example, you can be up the stairs past "The Rock" in Akila City and still access the cargo hold. Press the menu button, use the left stick to select SHIP (bottom left), press the A button, then press X for CARGO HOLD. It's nice to know that if you are close enough to the ship, you can put things into and take things out of the cargo hold.


In case you didn't know or in case I forget, the cargo hold is accessible when dealing with shop owners (switch between the seller, you, and the ship using the bumper buttons) and any resources in your cargo hold seem to be available when you use a workbench anywhere on any planet.


My 2-story ship has the Cabot C4 Bridge with the stairs. The only ladder is at the far back where the docker is.




Selecting Multiple Parts of Your Ship When Editing


I didn't know how to select multiple ship parts the first time I played. I moved individual parts too many times to count and it was boring and annoying. The second time, I looked it up and pages like this said we could select multiple parts using the right bumper. Click on each part that you want to move with the right bumper to change the color, click on any part of the highlighted section using the A button, then drag the whole section where you want.




Beware of Asteroids


If you shoot asteroids, there is a chance that some of them will stick with your ship. I have 8 stuck around my ship at various distances. They can't be shot and they can block your view of an enemy ship. I've shot at my phantom asteroids countless times when trying to shoot at real asteroids.




Selling Contraband


The first time playing, I looked up how to sell contraband and I got some kind of complicated crap about joining a group of some kind and doing a bunch of missions before I could sell my illegal stuff. So I just dropped it all into space. I eventually found out that all you have to do is go to a star system called WOLF that is to the right of SOL and above ALPHA CENTAURI. Simply dock with THE DEN that is orbiting Chthonia. Sell your illegal stuff and anything else you want to sell to the guy at the Trade Authority.






Useful Links


Ship power allocation randomly changing

Xbox Shipbuilding - Multi-Select

No ladders 2-story ship

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Heads up: Microsoft has indicated that new AAA games from now on will be for Series X|S machines only


There will probably be smaller and indie games for a while but not their marquee titles like Starfield or Forza. 


The small white Xbox Series S will probably go on special for $250 or so this holiday season if you want to play it natively. 

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