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Hal Jordan,,, or how i discovered i was a fiend



OK,, so growing up in the Seventies we all read DC,, right???? I think we all loved SUPERMAN,, BATMAN,, WONDER WOMAN,,  et al..


But there was one hero i was ABSOLUTELY DRAWN TO..




specifically HAL JORDAN.. i do not know why i liked him so much,, but that brownish? Reddish? Hair had me IN LOVE..  i think i started liking him the most after seeing him get hypnotized a multitude on the SUPER FRIENDS,,  like damn this guy can SUBMIT..  haha..


But it was a few instances i realize hal was the real deal for me..


I never had head lice in school,,  but someone else in a class i wasn't in did,,  so they sent out the notice that someone has lice and all,,  but WHAT WAS UP WITH THEIR INSISTANCE to anthropomorphize the lice,,  like there was a community living in your hair????


That of course got me INTERESTED,, since i had heard horror stories from friends that lice made your head ITCH.. they shut down the school,, and with me,, that notice,, and a GREEN LANTERN hyperfixation,, I just wrote an entire story of Hal Jordan with ANTHROPOMORPHIC LICE in his hair..  i could visualize the itching in my mind..  how he went from being sassy about it to ABSOLUTELY FUCKING FERAL as the story progressed as the itching was driving him MAD.. and of course SUPERGIRL and BATGIRL were there to help him out by combing his hair,,  which just made things worse as the itching had turned into pain.. blame the PORKY PIG with the RAT STAMPEDE record for this whole interest with the anthropomorphic lice..


Later when i was like 11 i owned a game called TUMMY ACHE by colorforms,,  the object of this game was to give this kid junk food until he threw up..  now first of all i ate alot of junk food and never threw up..  but something about this interested me..  so i wrote a story about hal jordan eating the same food in the game (real versions OFC),,  and getting a tummy ache + throwing up.. This time CAROL FERRIS was there to take care of him,,  pepto bismol alka seltzer..  it was oddly cute..


Also when i played FANTASTIC VOYAGE for 2600 the first time,,  I imagined the patient being Hal Jordan..  this was before david so i had to make something up on the spot.. lol..



In the Nineties when Hal became PARALLAX i was strangely like,,  "yeah i think i like hal all over again",,,  keep in mind I was 24..  i wrote a story where he got a fever,,  showing he wasn't invulnerable even if he was an unstoppable badass..  and paying homage to that first FANTASTIC VOYAGE playthrough,,  carol had to shrink and go inside him to cure it..  since parallax being bratty asf "COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!" Cute and savage at the same time..


When steve blum did hal's voice in INJUSTICE 2 I felt my childhood return..  especially when he became a red lantern and got all angry.. reminded me of hal going FERAL in some of the stories i wrote..  i believe there was one of him with chickenpox..  yeah feel free to laugh at me.. i'm a fiend,,  and hal is why..


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This is so cool.   Hal Jordan was one of my early names on the Atari BBSs and for about a week or so I ran a BBS called "OA" based on the Green Lantern Corp.


Aw good memories.  In short, I loved Green Lantern.  Hal going to Parallax to me was kinda stupid.  I looked up to Hal, and I had no problem with him being strong and capable.  I remember DC before turning him into Parallax put Hal through "becoming a man".  I remember an issue where Hal found himself in the arctic and his ring ran out of power.  The whole issue was him surviving and continuing on with his greatest power, his power of will.  To me between that and other instances I thought Hal was man enough.  He had nothing else to prove.  But DC can be brutal to their characters at times for a good story.  Truthfully it was when DC stopped having their characters as someone to draw hope and inspiration from to ... just everyone else, I lost interest.


I enjoyed when Hal was restored and became a Green Lantern again.  A lot of fun.  Collected that for about 6 issues and then went on to other stuff.  I think the 52 event happened and I got bored again. 


But thanks for reminding me of one of my heroes I liked as a teen!

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Yeah,,  at least i being a GIRL could get something good out of parallax (hint hint)..  the first issue where he appeared i got the same day i got SONIC 3,,  so when it got to marble garden zone i started imagining parallax doing a synchronized dance to the music..  i also commissioned a fan artist of the time for pretty much R34 of parallax which I will NEVER post on the web..   ahahaha..


I also had crushes on john and guy,,  but they weren't as strong as hal..


I miss the days where i could write about hal getting a stomachache and throwing up without someone calling me out for having a "VOMIT FETISH",,,  like it is kinda hot but only because hal is hot,,  and to see him weakened is very cute..


Might wanna post that one on my story blog soon..  the head lice story is been dead even before disco (this was before we had computers,,,  1976 maybe????)..  though i have like a photographic memory in regards to hal going feral (which was a common motif in stories featuring him i wrote,,  predates parallax by 20 years)..

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Predated by twenty years?   Interesting.  So just wanted to see the big chin hero take the fall?


I think the thing I liked about Hal was first off, Batman's ability to use fear had no effect on Hal, as Hal had no fear.

He was bold, with the ring was quite a power house in the DC univese.  And yet had a bit of a humor to him.


A lot of fun.


My favorite GL panel to date:



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Damn that is cute..  actually i always had it in me that hal had a bad temper..  just liked to see it pushed to the limit..  steve blum's voice in injustice 2 proved i was right.. 

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