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The return of me.



I decided to start work again on my fly swatting game for the Atari 2600. I figured since I couldn't make the scanline stable, I could try making it in batari Basic so it would be. Unfortunately, this led to the deletion of the banana. I couldn't chip away at the banana with basic since I can't use no_blank_lines and pfheight together for some stupid reason. So I just got rid of it. In return, I made it so if you don't swat the fly in a little bit, the game ends.


Also unfortunately I had to make the game 4k in order to fit in the stuff I had in the 2k assembly version of it. I don't know why, I guess I like to try and cram stuff into as little space as possible, which is much more easier to do in assembly since there's no extra unneeded code bB provides (kernels, et al.) Unfortunately, if you add that code in, it steadies the scanline at 262 for some reason.


But the addition of 2 more k's is that I could do music on the title screen. So I composed some. It is really hard to compose 2600 music due to the TIA being wonky. I don't know why Atari stuck with it when making the 7800. Costs?


So I still have lots of room to add lots of cool extra stuff I can't think of right now to my game. Any suggestions?


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