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X vs. O - bop-a-letter



I started work on the bop-a-letter game. I was having trouble with the randomness until I realized "Hey! I don't need to use the seed stuff in this bank!" So I didn't. I used instead the timer. And now it works good.


There is still a lot of work to do, but it's a good beginning.

I decided since the player is reaching for the 3 button on the console to not start the game right away. So an ACTION button press starts the game up. There are Os to bop and Xs to not bop. I need to make it so if a letter isn't bopped at a certain time limit to either end the game (O wasn't bopped) or get a new letter (X wasn't bopped.) I also need to add the ability to add points. I think I am able to finish it unless the computer starts acting up and won't let me finish.


I don't really know how I can make it more engaging though. Right now it feels like you can keep bopping over and over again to no end. Perhaps maybe I should add a time limit?


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