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Virtual Boy stuff



Working on my Virtual Boy game Minigame Mayhem. I never did hook up the Jaguar or play it. I've been asleep all day. I finally dragged myself out of bed at around 3:30p.m. after going to bed at around 1 a.m. or so.

This minigame is called "Wok This Way," and it's similar to a game I made earlier for the Channel F. And Odyssey 2 (Nice Ice). It involves Steve the Stir Fry Elf hopping around bok choy leaves in a wok.


If Steve touches the bottom of the wok, the game ends. Unlike other versions I made, the goal is not to get to the other side, but to get items that pop up in various places in the pan and avoiding the Wokmonster. The ten leaves move up and down independently and since a wok is a circle, the leaves each have beginning and ending y positions to stop and change directions at.


I haven't been feeling very well lately. I never feel well, but these past few days it has been a little worse. I guess I eat too much junk food and never exercise. But I guess I shouldn't complain, since the alternative would be feeling fine but eating horrible disgusting food, but then I wouldn't be feeling fine because I'd be missing food that actually tastes good. And I can't walk down the street before my legs begin to hurt.


I would have liked to put this wok on a stove, but colors and space are limited.

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