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The computer caught something



I added the beginnings of the AI catch routines. The AI players can catch the fireball, but don't really know what to do with it yet. It works out OK when there's multiple fireballs, as they'll ignore the position of the held fireball and track the others, but not so good when there's just one fireball.


I also made a change in display priority so the ball is visible over the shields. This makes the fireball flareups visible over the shields, which I think looks much better than before. I initially goofed and also changed the priority when SCORE was set( the trick that colors the kings) and got some really weird visual effects on the kings. :lol:

Medieval_Mayhem.zip mm20060822PAL.bin mm20060822NTSC.bin


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Incidentally, note the neither Z26 nor Stella correctly prioritizes display objects in SCORE mode. The correct order (back to front) is: Ball; Player/Missile 1; Playfield; Player/Missile 0.

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