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Bert has a new game



So I figured "What can I do with paperclips?" Then I thought of the 3 card monte game. Or where you put a ball under a cup and then shuffle other cups around and you have to keep track of which cup the ball is under. But I couldn't draw three cups shuffling independently on an Atari 2600. What to do? I then thought of the bonus game in Donkey Kong Country where a token keeps shuffling back and forth between some barrels while being visible and at the the very end it becomes invisible and you have to find which one it's under with one try. Bingo, That's the paperclip game.



This is the beginning of this game. You'll press the target button to begin (5 on the Kid's controller) and shuffle the paperclip. Then when the paperclip is done, it will be under a square. You then move the arrow left or right and press 5 to choose the square.


Since there is more than one game, I had to change the name of the program. It took half an hour to get the letters just right and centered as well.


You may think the title is kind of blah, but I thought something like "Fun With Bert" may be construed as sexual so I didn't use that. I also thought of making it 8k along with the other Sesame Street games, but 1.) it's really hard to bankswitch in Atari 2600 assembly, and 2.) why do that when I don't need to? At this screen, you press 1 for the pigeon/box game and 2 for the papercli[p game.

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I had to look up which other games have been named "Fun with ...". Based on what I could find on Mobygames, most of those relate to abstract nouns such as electronics, music, directions, spelling, numbers, phonics, math, verbs, words, shapes, letters etc. Some of the more materialistic ones involve rag dolls, explosives, pets and flags, though not at the same time. I couldn't find a single game that has fun with a person name.


Indeed the search results include a few adult games like "Funny Business with my Precious Coach" or "Pure Fun VR". That could be a challenge in a crap games compo, to modify a title from an adult game and make a family friendly game out of it.


Edit: I noticed that both the Traditional Chinese and Korean titles of said game translate as "Secret Lessons" instead of "Funny Business". I suppose that is a saying in parts of Asia, to have "lessons" when doing the dirty while westerners are less academic and more trade oriented so we're having "business" instead.

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