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Intellivision 2609 Mini Din Mount PCB Information



Sometime back I designed a two PCB set to help with installing mini din connectors in my Intellivision service work. I had requests from other to provide these files so that the PCBs can be used by all that might want to use them. Here is a link to the PDF guide that details the assembly process for the PCBs for use in the Intellivision 2609 model consoles. These can also be used on the Super Pro System and INTV III consoles as they are designed for installing in place of the RF modulator to provide a no cut solution for such AV upgrades.


Link to 2609 mount board assembly PDF guide


The advantage of these mount boards is that being a 2 part PCB means I can use the same bottom base PCB for both model 2609 and INTV II consoles. With only the top PCB portion being different. Here is an example install I did very recently showing one of the completely mount board setups in place in a 2609 Intellivision that received an RGB upgrade. Here I used a 9pin mini din for the RGB and audio, but also the 9pin allows for composite to be wired up. This means that any Sega Genesis/MD model 2 AV cable setup can be used.




And the mount board has room to allow for aligning the mini din connector to be as centered as possible.



I've also attached the PDF to this blog to make it easier as well. Links for the gerber files to have PCBs made up can be found within the PDF.




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