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music to my ears (and probably no one else's)



For as long as I've been making music compositions, I've always used Anvil Studio. I thought I'd change things up a little and compose a new epic song using a program called "Aria Maestosa". It's similar in that you can place notes on a bar by clicking on it, but there are many other different changes I could use if I could understand them. One of the more frustrating options omitted is you can't change the key signature mid-song. I just spent 45 minutes trying to find a way but I couldn't. So I went back to using Anvil Studio. I found Aria Maestosa's pdf files of sheet music's size is a lot smaller. But I need to have a key change in my song. I printed my half-page's worth of music using Anvil Studio, and the file size is way big. Like 802kb big. Honestly, does it really need to be that big? I found though, that if I copy the screen of the pdf, put the results in Photoshop, and then put that into Libre Office, the file size of that whole thing is just 49kb!


I was composing the song in the bathroom with an old keyboard that I had when I was a small kid and amazingly still works. I accidentally dropped my mechanical pencil I was using to jot the notes down into the toilet. Without thinking, I grabbed it out. Even though I needed to flush the toilet. The odd things composers do.


I can't go to sleep, but I've been awake for 18 hours in a row, so I want to get sleepy enough to sleep soon.

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A screen capture + paste will get you pixel quality PDF though, not smooth music symbols PDF. I agree that 800 kB for one page (or even half a page) is way too big. That is the size I get when I'm scanning sheet music and save as PDF, not when I print from the music program.


I mean, I can get a full score consisting of 28 systems times 29 pages in 325 kB, perhaps a little more if the music is busy.

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