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TNFS on Linux Mint using old PC



I recently "received" an old computer from my wife (a Dell 2-in-1 with Windows) which I have repurposed as my home Linux learning machine. I installed Linux Mint and decided to try to set up an Atari LAN in my home. Following the Wiki instructions (https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-firmware/wiki/Setting-up-a-TNFS-Server#setting-up-tnfs-on-raspberry-pi-or-linux) was a bit difficult because 1) I am new to Linux, and 2) it is definitely targeted to Raspberry-Pi installations. However, with a little cross-referencing with Atari Age entries and a lot of trial and error, I got it to work! A small victory. I've attached a pdf with my procedure, adapted from the Wiki entry, in case it helps anyone. I am new, so if you see anything that looks wrong please let me know. Otherwise - thanks for dropping by the blog!

Setup TNFS.pdf


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