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So there was a 20% eclipse here. Not anything like the 2017 one. I went outside with some 2017 glasses to see if I could see it. It doesn't look amazing over here. I heard on the news it's supposed to end at 12:19, but the peak was at 11:25. So I went out there and it wasn't impressive at all. Oh well.


I made some changes to the hamburger game. Level 5 especially. I changed the background. I made it look like this:


I added some trees and more mountains behind them. I thought that one big mountain was dumb, so I changed it.


I managed to make a few more Sunday comics. And I drew a couple odd things in case I can't think of anything to put on Sunday. They're ideas from my childhood when I drew comics for myself. If you see them, you'd probably agree I was an odd child. Who grew into an odd man.


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