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The elbow bump fairy



I got a visit from the elbow bump fairy. She must have come while I was sleeping last night. She left me with a bump on my elbow. I tried pinching it. It got a little bit of blood out onto my fingernails. I think it's just filled with it. And it keeps reforming. I used to have them come on my butt. Why they would start forming on my elbow is just weird.


I worked some more on my Virtual Boy game. It's called "Minigame Mayhem." It's a collection of little games. Right now I'm working on game #10: "Wok This Way." It's about the wok elf gathering mushrooms that pop up while trying to avoid a large pea that pops up.


I hope I fixed that bug where a pea starts to form right on top of the elf, but, like all bugs, I'm not counting on it because I have no idea what I'm doing, even after my Hamburgers game.


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