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Playing Gameboy Advance & Virtual Boy games



A month or two ago I watched a YouTube video which showed off Red Viper - a Virtual Boy emulator for the 3DS which uses the 3D screen so you get the same 3D experience you would with an actual Virtual Boy (complete with monochrome graphics, although you can change the color).  I thought that was cool, especially since my son has a couple of 3DS XLs kicking around.  But I didn't do anything because I've typically shied away from jailbreaking.


However, after some research I discovered that even the most up to date 3DSs can be jailbroken relatively easily, so I went ahead and did it.  (The only speed bump is I used a 2GB card for my first try, which isn't quite large enough.)  I then loaded up Red Viper and have been playing Virtual Boy Wario Land - it's very cool.


I also learned it's possible to play Gameboy Advance games basically natively on the 3DS.  So I've loaded that up along with 643 ROMs from the DataFrog SF2000 I got last year.  Right now I'm playing Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga.

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Red Viper's pretty slick, posted about it on March 6th after I'd installed it. They've made a number of improvements to the emulator since then, such as adding the ability to use the physical controls to navigate the file browser and running the 3DS's display at the Virtual Boy's 50 Hz refresh rate (which eliminates judder).


I'd already jailbroken my 3DS back in 2022 after learning about @wavemotion's awesome StellaDS emulator. It's for the DS, but runs just fine on the 3DS :



and A7800DS (Robotron plays great with the 4 buttons mapped as the second joystick):




I really like how he's used the 2nd display as the console interface. He has 7 emulators available on his GitHub page, the others are ColecoDS, NINTV-DS (Intellivision), DS994a, A8DS (Atari 8-bit computers), and A5200DS


One thing I found useful was to install an FTP server on the 3DS. That lets me add/update files to the SD card without having to remove the handles that block my SD card slot.  I'd snapped those on as my hands would cramp without them.  This reply in the StellaDS topic goes into the FTP server.


Wasn't aware of the Gameboy Advance games, will have to look into that. I did have a Gameboy Advance SP at one time, had to snap handles on it as well.  I recall buying it to play a couple of Spyro the Dragon games(Season of Ice and Season of Flame). Don't have it anymore, think I gave it to one of my nephews.

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