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Atari 7800 Games livestream! Tonight (May 15, 2024) at 8:30pm Eastern Time



I loved the acronym Old GOAT (Old Games on a Thursday) but alas Thursday isn't working for my schedule lately. (Stupid life!) So I've renamed my weekly, old-school gaming stream to Old Games on a Weekday.


With that out of the way, tonight I'm going to play - for the very first time for me personally - Atari 7800 games! Join me for some Atari goodness and chat, and feel free to make requests. I've got a large pile of 7800 games to check out.


@Charlie Cat I believe you suggested the 7800 recently, so here you have it. 😁 And a couple of days ago, regular viewer @Drennor also suggested a 7800 stream, and pointed me to a post about 7800 homebrew ROMs that are freely available. So I decided the stars were coming into alignment, and it was time!


Let's see how we like this largely overlooked (IMO) console put out by Atari in 1986! Hope to see some of you there.  😄



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