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Flying Potato Chips (Colecovision) - Level 2 work



I've been busy with Flying Potato Chips for Colecovision these past 2 days.

I've made some more songs and little jingles for game over, level beaten, and title screen. The song that was on the title screen and level 1 is now just on level 1.

I also began work on the second level: Frozen Lakes.


It sucks there's no brown. I had to use dark yellow for the tree trunks, but it looks good. Some more stuff to do:

  • introduce more enemies than just a pretzel.
    • popcorn kernel which would shoot popcorn seeds
    • something else
  • make some enemies move up and down


The levels changing will indicate changes to the game as well. The chicken nuggets will make a return in this game as well. They'll start in level 2. That will be a lot of work trying to get their appearance just right. I think I'll try random(255) and if it's above 250 then the enemy will be a nugget, otherwise it's an actual enemy.


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