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Do snakes eat flies? (part 2)



The snake wasn't long enough. So I decided to add a tongue to it. In yesterday's blog I explained how the Game Boy could only display 10 sprites per row. So I had to do some clever programming, like making the tongue just slightly below the snake so it starts a new count of 10 sprites per row, to do that.


It looks better when it's moving. I also made the snake better animated so it looks a lot better than it did. Now I have 60% of bank 1 (storage of level 1 stuff) free. It doesn't have to be that way. I can, say, store more level 1 stuff in bank 2, but I'm doing it this way just to keep things simple for me. And I need things simple because this is hard. If Frank touches the tip of the tongue, his health drops. Now I could move on with screen 4, but first I need an idea for it.


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