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7800 fixing



I just had a huge ado. So I wanted to untangle the 7800's power wire from my chair and the rest of the wires. When that was done, I plugged in my 7800 and turned it on. I couldn't. So then I remembered I had a second 7800 with some sort of problem. There was some sticky, round thing in the cartridge slot. So I thought since I had nothing else better to do, then to try to get it out. Armed with a pair of tweezers, I couldn't get a grip on it. So I used a scissor from a pair of scissors. And lo and behold, about a minute later, I got it out!


So I plugged that 7800 in and it came on on the very first try. I was wanting to see how my changed 2600 game would look on a real TV. The picture wasn't all that clear, but I was able to see that the stuff wasn't good to see. So I decided to change the background color. After testing a couple of colors, I decided on this:


I wiggled the cord from the 7800 to the TV and eventually got a nice clean picture. So it's possible for my 7800 to do that. There is a subplot to the madness.


I tried to get the micro SD card out of my Game Boy Everdrive so I could put the game on a micro SD card to test it with Harmony. The thing flew right out and I didn't know where it landed! Evntually I was able to find it under the desk only to realize I didn't need to do that after all because the Harmony cart doesn't use micro SD cards. It's been a long time since I used the Harmony cart so I forgot.


There's this red rash on my arm pit. I'm trying to get rid of it with Vaseline. Living is hard. It's been hot and I've had the AC on a lot and that makes me sort of sick when I have to do that. So I woke up at around 4 p.m. I had a couple of weird dreams. I often have these nightmares about being in school and not knowing what classes to go to. But at least I didn't have the "fake money nightmare", involving me trying to pay for something only to discover all the money in my wallet was counterfeit so I had to go home with nothing. But the night is young...


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