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Am I geting old?



I'm in my early 40s. Just saying that makes me feel so old. But lately I have been having a hard time understanding people. I hear them okay, but I just can't comprehend what they say. Is it because I'm getting old, or is it just people being dumb and just assume you'll automatically understand everything they say. This mostly happens on the internet. Like I'm reading comments to stuff I post, what I say, and I just don't get what they're saying. I haven't always had this problem. It's just like ads. For awards shows. They brag about all the performers performing on them. I'll be lucky if I even heard of one.


"I used to be with it. But then they changed what it was. Now what's it is weird and scary. It'll happen to you." - Grandpa Simpson.


I think that time has finally come.


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Some people feel old because they used a computer that is now way out of date, or they liked a song that played years ago, or they knew some kid back in the day who is now married and has a kid. 


Time marches on.  Are you old?  Depends on the definition.  I always thought age was relative to your total life span.  If you are set to live 90 years, then you are about at the mid-point, but that would not make you "old".


Being aware of cultural references though I don't think is an indication of old or not, just that you focus on different things.  To me one ting that is making it more and more difficult to know of current cultural references is the lack of a common media.  There are SOOO many internet channels, and soooo many other options for receiving music for example.   Where we used to listen to same radio stations, or TV channels, we not only have more choices, but the people we communicate with now is globally rather than regionally.


So you don't have to be "old" to not catch "current" cultural references.

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I understand each generation have their own vocabulary, words they borrow from elsewhere or make up, words they change the meaning for. It means if you're from a different generation, it will be more difficult to understand the language, and ideally you're not supposed to learn the meaning of the new phrases, as they lose their meaning if they become universally known. Now I don't know if those commenting on your games belong to a completely different generation, but it sounds like that.

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I'm 51, and social media loses me sometimes. I get some of the lingo, but not all of it. I will say, however, when I see "welp" instead of "well", it's like the visual version of fingers on a chalkboard.

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