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Drakhan's Night




In 2011, we announced our aim to make a game for the VCS. Jean crafted this box while the game was at early stage (a single level without any sound). Time flies


The project is (still) ambitious and we're still struggling with realizing some of its objectives:


- Action RPG: Only your dexterity will defeats the Evil Drakhan™ and all its mignons.

- Non-Linear Main Quest: Explore the Dark Lands at your will.

- Secondary quests: Help others characters and gain items to achieve your quest.

- Randomness: Controlled randomness for a never twice the same experience

- Enhanced graphics: Dynamic Background using the SARA chipset



Here is the ingame video of our game. It still full of bugs but give you a good idea of what it will look like.


We would like to already thanks some people at AA forums who helped us to go through this tremendous work:
Duane Alan « Random Terrain » Hahn for his HUGE work of compilation.
Michael « SeaGtGruff » Rideout for solving our background colors issue.
Mike « RevEng » Saarna for his wonderful TitleScreen Kernel.
Robert M for his joystick reading control tutorial
Tinkernut for his video « how to make a VCS game in less than 10 minutes » (much longer for me to catch it)
Yuppicide & SpiceWare for advices on issues
We would like to thanks folks who gave us the tools for doing it:
Fred « Batari » Quimby for his Bb and the Harmony cartridge.
Jeffrey « jwierer » Wierer for VisualBb.



This is a repost of our dedicated french blog for this video game project started in 2011




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