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Cruiz'in the InterWebs - The Purrfect Collection - June 2024



Hey Bubsy fans!   Some excellent news that started with Rusty posting the picture on Facebook:


This caught my eye, however I see concept pictures for "wishlist" games we'd like to see, but thought, how perfect that would be.  Atari has the rights to Bubsy, and they have the BigPEmu they used in the Atari 50th Anniversary to pull off FINALLY being able to add Bubsy: Fractured Furry Tales to the collection.  Last time we had a sort of collection was Bubsy Two-Fur which bundled the first and second Bubsy games.


The following from the Steam pre-release page as this game is set to launch in 2025:

"Is Bubsy a celebrated icon from the mascot wars of the early 90s or a platforming punchline? Bubsy in: The Purrfect Collection explores the franchise's troubled history and enduring popularity. A playable history that includes games, artifacts and interviews. What could possibly go wrong? "


Bubsy fans (of course there are Bubsy fans) have been screaming for Fractured Furry Tales and the ever meme-able, ever lovable and for other loathable, Bubsy 3D!!  People would also love to see the Bubsy Pilot cartoon on this collection.




Also looks like Gex is finally getting some recognition!

Way to go ATARI!   Hopefully we can get some confirmation soon that all games are represented.  With a statement like "A playable history" That would seem to say all titles would be there.


And personally I hope like a lot of Atari titles, this will not only work on the PS5 but the PS4 as well!  :D



Original link:




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