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Seeing Frank better.



So I tried out Frank the Fruit Fly 2 on my Game Boy Pocket, just to see what it looks like on it. Apparently Frank turns invisible when he's on a dark gray surface. So I had to change screen 1. Fortunately that was the only thing I needed to change.

frankthefruitfly2v8.png.6c99a527d0406b4d97f17c3ad36e06e2.pngbefore  frankthefruitfly2v9.png.ec1b82c1178487628f09995d45c702ca.png after

I also made the screen fade out and back in again. That took a lot of work to do and I eventually had to get some help with it and make it work good. Apparently bgb, the emulator I was using, makes dark gray too light. I tried it under Emulicious, the emulator I made the above screenshots with, and it was closer to what I was seeing on my Game Boy Pocket.


My eye skin tag is still there. It's on day 3 of me using that stuff. And apparently it's going to be hot this weekend, with highs above 100° F. (It might as well be C.)


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