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Ikari Addiciton



Winners dont use drugs

- US Government in the 80's

You could say many jokes about THAT but i wont because this is hosted on a god damn atari video game forum. But remember how i mentioned Ikari and how i missed out on an auction for the 2600 version?

Well once i graduated high school/equivalent, i got it as a graduation gift, and... I'm hooked, i bought the "Where did their hair go" song which you can get from AVGN's Couch Guy here, its different from the ikari review, but in many ways it is better/stands on its own for its reasons, Lennon-McCartney wished they were this creative. and now i'm trying to to get all the console versions...

I can quit... Oh who am i kidding? I can't play fighting games but thanks to Ikari i can pretend to be a KOF lore-book.


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