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The Vic Tree - Commodore 64 cartridge

Pitfall Harry


Does anybody know anything about this C-64 cartridge?  All I know is that it was made by Skyles Electric Works and you launch the application by typing the command "SYS 32772" and that it is some sort of tool to make programming (BASIC?) easier. Am I the only one on the planet who has this cart in their collection?


ThevicTree1.thumb.jpg.4d27d8e5187198462bfc718564470b99.jpg     TheVicTree2.thumb.JPG.c99d7f6e0dafc4493de0332378733e26.JPG


TheVicTree3.thumb.jpg.9da401b24ecd4d8490b248db2faab899.jpg   TheVicTree4.thumb.jpg.f194441aa4ca58869b214d762413a25c.jpg




Updated July 09, 2024:


I did a lot of digging, and I managed to track down the user's manual for the Vic Tree.  I was right, the cartridge is an early BASIC enhancement tool.  It got clobbered in the marketplace when Commodore's own Simon's Basic and others were released shortly afterward.  I am guessing it's among the rarest of commercially released cartridges for the C-64.  If you are interested in looking at the user's manual, you can find it here.




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Updated with additional info


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I'm aware of VIC Tree, but as the name suggests, more for the Vic20 incarnation of it. Don't own the C64 version, but I do know Skyles, and a few of their products.


I tend to focus more on the games than utilities, but I do have some knowledge there heh.

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