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100°+ degree weather - day 2



I'd like to give whoever invented air conditioners a nice big hug.  Today it reached 103 for the second time. It's 90 now and a little after 8p.m.


Bored out of my mind, I went through garbage on my computer - various projects I never completed (it's like a landfill) when I came across some music. I think I'll make more. What I did was put together a whole bunch of different instruments and sounds to create a good-sounding (hopefully) albeit short song.


I tried putting apple cider vinegar on my eye bump. It didn't go away yet but it's looking better than when I unsuccessfully tried to freeze it off.


I spent last night failing to build a N-Gage homebrew developing environment. So I can't make N-Gage games. I guess I'll leave that to the professional coders who know how to use cmake and Visual Studio. Help in cmake was unusable because I didn't understand any of it. So how did I make it so I can make Virtual Boy games?!


My next blog entry will be entry #5,000. I've been doing this since 2006, so that sounds about right.


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