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Salem is not Portland



I hate it here.


I just discovered my groceries were being delivered from some store location in Portland. For those who don't know, Portland is about 60 miles north of where I live. When I signed up, apparently they must have read my location as "Oh, Salem's close to Portland, so we'll just use Portland." WRONG. There are three store locations here in Salem. Why do that? I already have to watch local news from Portland since nobody wants to put (actually) local news on our 1 independent TV station (KWVT, channel 318 on the Comcast lineup. That's how important it is.)


In my eye news, I just discovered I could peel off the icky dark spot under my eye if I wanted to. Since I hate pain, I won't. It's day 5 with the high temps above 100°. Hopefully this will be the last day. I need to get some more answers from my Quiz Wiz cartridges so I can put them in my project.

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There is a grocery store located less than a 10 minutes drive from my Mother's apartment. This is where I buy her groceries when I come to visit. This store does not offer any delivery or pick-up services.


The same grocery chain has another (albeit larger) location located about a 20 minutes drive away, close to the edge of the city. This location does deliver (though few people live close by as it is a commercial/industrial area).  


Apparently spending significantly more time on the road to affect deliveries somehow makes financial sense to management. 



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