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I think it's admirable that you are implementing subtle features like this in response to user requests. After a long development cycle it's really tempting to just release the game after it appears feature-complete, but

I think being responsive to user feedback is the key to turning a good game into a great game.


I remember Oystron in particular went through a very long final tweak cycle which really improved the final feel of the game.

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Glad you like the idea of limited catch. I'd originally conceived it as a handicapping measure; to be sure, it's useful even as a global setting, but when players of different skill levels are competing it may be useful to allow some players to operate at a hard setting (balls from behind always bounce) while other less experienced players have an easier setting (balls from behind either pass through the shield or are catchable). Probably not enough memory for that, but maybe the difficulty switches could do something.

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Difficulty switches are already in use - they control paddle readings for the top 2 players.


In theory I have 3 bytes left - but when I try to use one of them the purple castle gets scrambled. Haven't looked into it yet. If I can get them free then I can have Limited Catch set per player.

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Figured it out so I now have 3 more bytes of RAM read to use.


My Paddles2Read variable is multipurposed RAM that's located in the stack. The TempHMOVE variable (uses 5 bytes) overlaps the stack, but didn't overlap the Paddles2Read variable until I'd allocated another byte of RAM. Paddles2Read should only be 0 or 1 and controls which pair of paddles is read on a given frame.


When TempHMove shifted it started to overwrite Paddles2Read, which caused the program to write to the wrong location when it was saving paddle readings. That location happend to be the RAM that was used for the purple castle.

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