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OK, I think that looks perfect now, as it gives the jagged appearance without looking too cluttered like before :lust:



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I like it! It's definitely an improvement. :lust:


Especially because the huge contrast between the hires dragon and the lowres playfield has been minimized now.

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Is there not enough CPU time to do without hardware collision detection?

Nope - I'd have to check all 4 corners for each fireball on every frame they're in a castle row. Right now, if the first fireball ends up having to check all 4 corners to find the brick it collided with, there's insufficient time to process the other 2 fireballs if they collided with something. They get skipped on the current frame and picked up on the next one. It's an OK compromise on a fireball that did collide with something, but if it didn't then the fireballs would end up traveling at variable speeds.

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Hey...does this mean there's going to be a "brick walls" option now? :D



The texture pattern is hardcoded so that the AND takes 2 cycles. There's a chance I could make a 3 cycle AND work - but there's no RAM available to hold the texture patterns.

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Nope - I'd have to check all 4 corners for each fireball on every frame they're in a castle row.


Perhaps code is too tight for this, but I was thinking of something like the following:

; Lower-left castle check--use similar code for other castles
; For simlicity, this code assumes bricks are4 coordinate-system pixels high.  I'm not sure how you have them stored in practice.
 lda ycoord
 and ycoord
 lsr  ; Carry set if two LSB's were '11'
 ldy ycoord
 bcs y_strad
 lda castlePF0,x
 and PF0mask,y
 bne hit
 lda caslePF1,x
 and PF1mask,y
 beq no_hit
 bne hit
 lda caslePF0,x
 ora castlePF0+1,x
 and PF0mask,y
 bne hit
 lda caslePF1,x
 ora caslePF1+1,x
 and PF1mask,x
 beq no_hit
 bne hit


This code will check to see if the ball has hit any of the castle bricks. It won't show which corner was hit, but I would think you could afford a bit more CPU time for the cases where the ball actually hit something.

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The texture is better now. The brick lines either line up with the edge of the gradients or are in the center of them so it works visually.

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