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We have smooth scroll!



After beating my brains out on what eventually turned out to be a relatively simple solution, I have been able to implement smooth scrolling in the game (as well as work on the lives display for player 1 and 2) .. it turns out i need to do some slight recalcultion of the river display because I am _WAY_ over my visible line calculations.. No matter, just a few adjustments which i will take care of tonight....


I also still need to fix the scrolling algorithm slightly (move the window boundary constraints directly into the kernel so that the wrap around happens immediately after the last line in the visible buffer is drawn.


after which, I will work on the joystick routines (and their related velocity routines for the smooth scroll.),


In the mean time, I leave you with my daily zip and screenie:


pescoman_v91.zip <-- yay, score and lives!


pescoman_v96.zip <-- current source and bin




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