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Nathan Strum


What are meetings good for?


Sketching, of course!


Some of my favorite drawings have come in the form of spur-of-the-moment little sketches that I've done while waiting for meetings to end.


I'd been thinking about Fred's SuperBug game on the 2600, and started sketching VW bugs. I don't know if he's planning a contest for the label or not, but I hope so. I've loved drawing cars since I was a kid, and the bug is probably the most fun car to draw, from a cartoonist's perspective.


So here are a few quick sketches. Not cleaned up. Unrefined. Just raw, uncooked cartoons. ;)


This was the first one, and still my favorite. Reminiscent of 70's hot rod cartoons with the oversized engine in it:



Back view - wide and low:



And just a quick "cute" version:



Also, I tend to draw cartoons based on stuff going on in the meetings. One proverbial "can of worms" that keeps getting opened up again and again is our eventual move to HD video. So of course, I drew a can of "HD Brand Worms". There was just something appealing about the two worms admiring their "high-def-ness", and the third being completely disinterested in the whole thing. It's always fun when you're able to infuse personality into something so simple. The original sketch is quite small. It's easier to hide what you're drawing that way. ;)




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Cool bugs ;) Reminds me of George Trosley's art in CARtoons magazine. I used to read that when I was a kid (when not playing Atari...)


The style also kind of matches the cabinet and marquee art from the real game.


As for the game itself, it's on hiatus. In its current form, 32k would only get me 5 tracks. 64k would get me 13 tracks but I've yet to hear any assurances that AA could make 64k carts. So I'm mulling over ideas as to how I might be able to use the 32k more effectively. The game will be finished one way or another though!

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Thanks for the link! I was a big fan of Trosley's work when I was a kid (and still am). His site is awesome.


This page brings me back. I still have all of my old CARtoons magazines (and one issue of Hot Rod Cartoons).


When you get SuperBug done - how incredibly cool would it be if you could get Trosley to do the art for it? ;)

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Cool sketches. Except that first bug with the lazy eyes is begging for a word bubble that says "excuse me." ;)

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I may doodle in meetings, but my efforts don't even start to compare to yours.


What HD can-o-worms specifically?

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What HD can-o-worms specifically?

We're a film school (well... mostly video), so it's the entire can. When do we start transitioning to HD? Which HD format(s) will we support? Which one(s) can we actually afford to support? How will we pay for it? To what degree will we support it? Who will support it? What cameras/decks/monitors do we get, how many, where do they go, who gets access to them... etc.


Lots of worms in that can.


One of the big problems, is that all of the manufacturers are still fighting over the different formats. And, of course, none of the formats play nice with each other. Some students are already bringing in their own consumer HDV cameras (which, of course, are all different), which further complicates matters.


NAB should be interesting this year. I can't go, but I'd guess one of two things will happen: 1) Either a lot of those questions will be answered, or 2) It will raise even more questions that just make everything worse.

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Those formats aren't the real problem. What's really causing our headaches are the various compression schemes and tape formats that each manufacturer likes to make a little bit different from all of the other ones. ;)

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Ahh... the production side of things. Yeah, lot's of flux left there I imagine. The whole reason to shoot to tape is to skip the film & telecine cost. But then you have the high cost of avoiding compression on the camera side. 1080@24 is the logical target (at least for capture), but that's space and bandwidth hungry. 720@24 is half the data rate, but I don't know whether that translates into a similar reduction in equipment costs. 720x480 anamorphic? Not HD, but again it depends on what equipment (used?) is available.

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