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bBasic - Killing Cats Everywhere.

Robert M



I admit it. I am curious about bBasic. I have been avoiding it because there is a sort of community feel about it that it should be left to the beginners and experienced programmers should stick to assembly code. I am at a point of severe frustration at this point :x , however, and bBasic may provide a solution. I have a stack of half finished projects. Most of them are working kernels with some design work on the side completed. I get the kernel working and then I lose interest as I get bogged down in the painful process of writing the game code in assembly.


So now I am looking at bBasic and wondering if it would be fast enough to write the game logic for my kernels. Or better yet, just use the built in kernels and get some freaking projects DONE! In the end, it doesn't matter if the code written is the fastest possible, it just has to be fast enough. Also, while there is something romantic about cramming a complex game into a 4K cart with some wicked assembly tricks, I find the the continual demands of real life make such a romantic quest impractical. Besides, 32K EEPROMs are getting easier to find and cheaper than 4K EEPROMS, and I suspect most game players could care less what the game ROM size is. :ponder: So that thinking brings me to this project.



-> Evaluate bBasic as a development platform for my projects

-> Identify optimal bBasic coding techniques and share them with the community.

-> Recommend (and possibly contribute to the development of) ways to improve or extend the language.

-> Integrate my own kernels into bBasic.


More to come...



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