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Squish 'Em. No, really, now you can!



SQUISHING IN FULL EFFECT! New update. Still not technically playable, since you can't die, but pretty close now.



-Player now moves at correct speed in all directions and is animated when he moves sideways.

-Only can squish enemies by actually stomping on them.

-Enemies are generated correctly (i.e., 1 blank row, 15 rows of 1st enemy, 16 rows of 2nd enemy, 1 row with bonus item, 15 rows of 3rd enemy, 1 row with suitcase, repeat).


To do:

-clean up kernel transitions, tighten up all SLEEPs, and finalize all page-crossing locations

-decide whether or not to stripe brick (Or girders?). And then do it if so. I'm leaning towards not doing this.

-finish add enemy/girder data generator. Enemies and items are pretty much done, the girder generation needs all the special cases taken care of.

-finish enemy movement schemes

-finish collision detection

-finish animating player

-death animation (scroll player off bottom of screen)

-add sfx

-add music

-finish scoring

-finish level transitions

-all gamestate transitions

-console controls



So, there's a lot. But I'm getting there!


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