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Obama (take 2)



I'm curious whether people who support Obama think:


-1- He is not a Marxist, or


-2- Marxism is a good thing;


-3- He does not really support Black Liberation Theology, or


-4- Black Liberation Theology is a good thing.


If you need to better qualify Marxism or BLT, feel free.


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It seems weird to link the statements to pairs with "or", since it don't seem to be exclusive options.


It basically sounds like:


I'm curious whether people who support Bush think:


-1- He is not a Warmonger, or


-2- Being a Warmonger is a good thing;

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Those are rather loaded questions! You could equally say for those that support McCain (and there is plenty of Google "evidence" to back it up):

  1. He is not a Fascist, or Fascism is a good thing.
  2. He does not really support White Power, or White Power is a good thing.

Of course, being a European I just get to sit on the sidelines and watch how things turn out. From our perspective, neither party can be viewed as anything close to the left.



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Very fair, loading the question with the either/or nonsense. It's very telling when someone does stuff like that. I'll play anyway.



No, Obama is not a real Marxist. Acknowledging that there are differences in America between rich and poor, black and white, religion A and religion B, does not automatically make you a Marxist. Somebody wanting the gov't to provide some services for the general welfare of the citizens who support it doesn't make you a Marxist either.


I've read a bit about BLT. It's doesn't seem any more crazy than any other Christian stuff. They don't seem any more scary to me than the white religious right in this country. Frankly, I think the problem many people have with it is when they call Jesus a black guy(as if that would matter somehow). I don't think Obama believes it all lock stock and barrel just like I doubt anybody REALLY buys into all of the dogma of any religion. Besides, the President doesn't act in a void, that's why we have three branches of the gov't and a little thing people call checks and balances. I doubt anything too outrageous would get enacted even if he was a nut considering the majority of the rest of the gov't are white guys.




By the way, for anybody who looks up BLT, please read a few different links about it since the first one Google shows is "The Marxist Roots of Black Liberation Theology" from the Action Institute who are bunch of Libertarian Christians with a comical misunderstanding of American ideals and the Constitution. Read that one but take the time to read some from a less biased and less paranoid nutbag based source.

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I've read a bit about BLT. It's doesn't seem any more crazy than any other Christian stuff. They don't seem any more scary to me than the white religious right in this country.


Perhaps you can fill me in as to what James Cone, founder of Black Liberation Theology, meant when he said:


"Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community ... Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy. What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love. "


Using Google's book-search feature, I've confirmed that the quote is not a recent invention (it seems to appear in a 1973 book), but I haven't figured out a good way to chase down footnotes. Perhaps Black Liberation Theology has moderated over the last 35 years, but it seems more likely that the hatemongers are trying to avoid putting forth too much venom where it might be noticed.


BLT would seem to be the same perfect scam used by the leaders of many other movements. Declare that you're oppressed, and then act in such a fashion as to guarantee further "oppression". I've seen nothing to indicate that Obama wouldn't welcome any political assistance he might receive from this harnessed and manipulated hatred of whites by blacks. Perhaps I'm just not looking in the right place, so you could set me straight.

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