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Got my Magic Chef refrigerator

Random Terrain


[This AtariAge blog setup is easier to use than other things I have tried, so I'm going to start using my AtariAge blog again.]



Merry early Christmas to me! Got my Magic Chef Refrigerator!


I got one of those small dorm room refrigerators back in 1989. Then I sold it and got a larger version (Goldstar GR-131OW) that had a small freezer inside of the refrigerator about a year later. I think it's probably 4.6 Cu. Ft. if you can go by the small refrigerators sold today. I just checked and someone is selling the same model on eBay:





I've been using that model ever since then, until today. I finally got the Magic Chef 10 Cu. Ft. Compact Two Door Refrigerator I've been wanting to get since the first time I saw it a few years ago at Home Depot:









This Magic Chef refrigerator looks smaller in the store. Once home, it seems almost as large as a refrigerator that has twice the cubic feet. Looks like I'll be able to fit a couple of pizza boxes in there with no problem (without needing to move things around to make room). It will be nice to finally have a freezer that doesn't need to be defrosted. It's also nice that the freezer is separate from the refrigerator and has its own door.



So now I have the Recumbent Exercise Bike and the Magic Chef Refrigerator I wanted to get before 2008 was over:




Looks like I won't be getting an Xbox 360 this year, but if the price drops even more next year, I'll probably have one some time in 2009.



Random Terrain


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Funny how when we get old, we get excited about major appliances. I bought a new range last year and I showed it to guests until I realized how thoroughly underwhelmed they were.

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