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Atari XL Look-Alike




Last weekend I visited a retro-computer fair. From a distance I thought I saw an Atari XL. Coming closer, it became clear it was something completely different.


There's remarkably little information to be found on the net about this little computer.


Old Computers Museum

Heimcomputer (Germany)


There's some information about its successor on Wikipedia:


VTech Laser 200


I took a few pictures of the inside. Besides the usual 74LS logic, I determined the following chips on the motherboard:


Motorola MC6847P, Video Display Generator

2 x Hitachi HM6116P-4, 2048-word x 8-bit High Speed CMOS Static RAM (200ns), total 4kB

NEC D780C-1 (4 MHz)

Hitachi HM613128P (128K x 8 ((E?)P?)ROM) ), 16kB

MC6847.pdf HM6116P.pdf uPD780.pdf



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interesting find, thanks for sharing! :ponder:


You're welcome :) Funny thing is, it has no sound on the RF-output. There's a small built-in speaker that beeps.

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