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7800 Pac-man Construction Set - Changing text



One thing that had been bothering me is that after changing the graphics for the fruits the text was wrong. Searching through the rom using HOM3 didn't yield anything useful. Finally I gave up and asked Bob how text is stored in the Pac-man games and as usual, he provided the necessary info for me to solve my problem - thanks Bob! (I probably should have just asked up front and saved myself a few hours)


As you probably already guessed, the text strings aren't stored using standard ASCII codes, for the post part it is the ASCII code + an offset value. If you have just that amount of information you can start hacking the text using HOM3. So in a couple hours I used slightly modified code from the HOM3 text editor and added this new tab to the application. It's a pretty basic editor that allows you to search for text strings and then edit them. Nothing fancy, but it does the job.




Here is a screen shot of the the fixed fruit names in my Jr. Ms. Pac-man hack



and here is the updated binary if you want to give it a try



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