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A Jedi craves not these things

Nathan Strum


You know, adventure... excitement...




...16 more Homebreviews. :o


I hated to cover up Dave Dries' nifty Dungeon poster like that, but when I put it on top, I could no longer see the games. ;)


I've already reviewed Juno First, but since I had some extra store credit, I figured I'd get the spiffy box Marc Oberhäuser made for it (available in the AtariAge store).


I've also already reviewed Conquest of Mars, but that was before John tweaked the game to make it easier to see where the laser gates are at. So I also picked that up. But since I didn't downgrade the game because of the laser gates the first time (unlike some people :roll: ) I won't be updating my review.



First up: Asking that musical question...


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That is a nice haul! I'm looking forward to the reviews - particularly the 7800 titles, which I have yet to play. The StickyNotes cart on the other hand ... :ponder:



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Also looking forward to some more reviews. In particular, Cave In. On the surface it looks like a very cool game. But after watching the video I wonder if it's just a lot of monotonous walking around of different mazes. I'll stay tuned...

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