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Xybots may not be the most well known arcade game, but the Lynx version is one of the most popular Lynx games around. It is a 3rd person shooter that tasks you to make it through a maze while blasting the Master Xybot's minions. Along the way, you will run into teleporters, power-ups, and life-sustaining energy. In between levels, you are given the opportunity to upgrade yourself in preparation for what lays ahead.


While Xybots may not seem terribly interesting at first, spend some time with it and it will really grow on you. The unique gameplay and perfectly balanced difficulty make it one of those games you can't put down. And in case this gushing description doesn't quite capture you, the game is very easy to get brand new for cheap, so there's really nothing stopping any Lynx owner from indulging is this game. Keep a fresh set of AA batteries around, because you'll be playing this for a while.


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I have to agree, Xybots is a fantastic game and the Lynx version could be possibly the best port of it out there. Definitely should be on a "must have" list.

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