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Bush deserves the benefit of the doubt?



I turned on MSNBC today and Newt Gingrich said in a sound clip that Bush "deserves the benefit of the doubt that he's picked the right person." Since when does Bush deserve the benefit of the doubt? When has he been right about anything? When did he earn anyone's trust? He has repeatedly earned our contempt or at least our distrust. At one time I was as close as you could come to being a Republican without being one, but Bush cured that.


Harriet Miers is just one more mistake in a string of mistakes. It's as if Bush cannot learn from his mistakes. Even a smart bomb can adjust its course. Is he trying to tell us that his bombs are smarter than he is?



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I find the Harriet Miers choice puzzling, but my big question is whether she can actually read the Constitution, a skill which seems to be lacking in too many justices today.

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