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Fartaway Disposable Underwear



Fartaway Disposable Underwear


This new underwear is not only affordable enough for you to wear a new pair every day, it also has a built-in activated charcoal filter that can dissipate some of the most foul-smelling farts that you can muster and the special layering also dampens sound. Now you can let your bowels express themselves anywhere from carpools to elevators and you can feel confident that 99% of your worst farts will be rendered harmless, so eat what you want and Fartaway.


Update: Some may worry in the days of COVID-19 that explosive moist farts may spread the virus. Although we have no proof that Fartaway fart filters can prevent the spread of viruses, we say 'if it can't be smelt, it can't be dealt.'



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Did you just file a patent for this or something? :x

:sad: That popped into my head one day, and I had to post in somewhere, so I figured this blog would be a great place since only 2 or 3 people look at it.

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What about the danger of the shart



That's why you should be very happy that they are disposable. Keep extras in your glove compartment, briefcase, backpack, or coat pocket.

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