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I'm finally moved into my new apartment. Sorta. Due to a couple of fairly big snafus, I'm only in here with the very bare necessities, and the rest of my stuff is still in storage. It's going to be another couple of weeks before I can move everything into here. Due to my previous blog post complete with pseudo-messianic overtones, I'll have to say I'm not yet fully resurrected. Right now I'm more in a state of being undead, waiting for that magic sprinkle of holy water to finish reviving me completely.


Since I'm technically a zombie right now, I figure I should make the best of the situation and stagger my way through emulation while I wait a little bit longer to have The Real Thing © again. This will entail having to pull all of my emus + ROMs from my older PC onto my new one, which is actually quite doable, but I've been too lazy to go through the effort. In the meantime, I'll keep firing up ProSystem and Project Tempest like I've been doing for a while. Once I have everything back, I think I may write up some kind of "emulator to console" comparison. More to come...



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So Albert decided to ride his bike up a mountain instead of helping you move?


Heh, I never asked him for help with moving. I'm actually going to have movers helping me out in a couple of weeks.

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Aw, well it's a shame you didn't get all your stuff into the new place, but hey, soon.


Just remember, not all brains are created equal. Watch out for bad ones.

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