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TV: Invader Zim



Wow, it's really been a long time since I did a blog. And what better thing is there to blog about than this brilliant Nickelodeon TV series? Invader Zim is the continuing story of an Irken invader who is sent on a fluke mission to conquer Earth by the Almight Tallest, along with a slapped together SIR robot called Gir. Once there, he not-so-subtly disguises himself as an elementary age human boy. He also immediately makes an enemy at school in the form of a brilliant (but crazy) boy named Dib, who sees through his poor disguise. From there stems the most hilarious show ever put on TV (yes, it's better than Freakazoid!).




I've never read any of the Jhonen Vasquez comics, but it isn't hard to see that this guy has style to burn. Most computer animated shows have that same cheap, stilted look to it, but not Invader Zim. It actually uses computer animation to do things you really couldn't do nearly as well otherwise, and it's really a visual treat. And well you can definitely give it credit for that, the real meat of it is the dialogue and characters. Rather than rely on stupid puns and done-to-death pop culture references, Invader Zim simply has fantastic characters and brilliantly funny dialogue. Not a single character is wasted, nor do any of them feel as though they're there just to please the Office of Political Correctness.




And while we're on that subject, let me say that Invader Zim has some of the most unpredictable characters ever. You can never tell what's going to happen next, and it really makes it that much more enjoyable. What's more, none of the characters are voiced are acted anything less than wonderfully, and you never feel as though anyone could have been better done. In fact, the only complaint you could possibly raise against this show is the fact that it's so freakin' hard to get a DVD of it. Volume 1 can be had for about $20-$30 if you're lucky, but if you want the rest you'll have to get the box set (for about $130) because no one is willing to sell Volumes 2 or 3 alone. However, if your internet is fast enough you can stream every episode off Netflix, which is pretty ideal. But the common man will have to either watch pixelated, half-and-half videos of it on Youtube. Oh well, maybe Nickelodeon will make a new run of the DVDs one day.


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