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Sonic X Blog: Chaos Control Freaks (Season 1, Episode 1)



Well, I'm back to blogging again! This time, and from now on, this blog is going to be for Sonic X. In case you don't know, Sonic X is an anime TV show based on the Sonic the Hedgehog games. The premise is that Sonic and his friends have been caught in a huge explosion of chaos control and sent to Earth, where they befriend the household of one Christopher Thorndyke, and try to get back home. It follows the art style of the Sonic Adventure games, and even has episode series based directly off of those two games (among others). It ran for six seasons, with 13 episodes per season and a total of 78 episodes. Though it was very popular and well liked, it received some harsh criticism from some people, who complained that the 4Kids editing and voice actors destroyed the show.


Now if you want my opinion, I think that Sonic X is a great show. It has an imaginative premise, great characters, well-written stories and dialog, and very good voice acting. What's more, it's one of the only shows I've ever seen that had a really awesome first episode. This first episode, Chaos Control Freaks, is what this blog post is really about. It shows us exactly how Sonic and Co. get to Earth, and introduces Sam Speed and Chris Thorndyke. However, instead of being plot-y, this episode throws us into its world via two fight-and-chase scenes that last almost all through the 20 minute running time. There really is no better way to introduce yourself to Sonic X, and you should definitely see this episode if you're interested in it.


BTW, this Sonic X blog is going to be done by episode, in order, throughout all six seasons. To make it easier to find individual episodes, each post will bear the tags "Sonic X", and the season/episode number, like this: 1-1 = season 1, episode 1.




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