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Sonic X Blog: Missle Wrist Rampage (Season 1, Episode 3)



Well, after having internet problems for the past two days, I'm back to writing the Sonic X Blog. Anyway, in Missle Wrist Rampage, Robotnik (no, I won't call him Eggman) has decided to try taking over the city with a robot called Missle Wrist. Meanwhile, Knuckles and Amy try to get out of the sewers and find out where they are.


Missle Wrist Rampage continues the last three episodes' trend of high speed action and interesting conversations between the characters, a trend I don't want to see die. Knuckles fans will find something extra to appreciate about this episode, since both he and Amy get involved in the action this time around.


Oh, by the way, Youtube has been causing me a lot of problems lately, so I'll just include a link to 4KidsTV's Sonic X Youtube page in each blog post.


Watch episodes here.


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