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Sonic X Blog: Cracking Knuckles (Season 1, Epsiode 5)



It's time for the new Sonic X Blog, with the 5th episode: Cracking Knuckles. This time around, Robotnik convinces Knuckles that Sonic sent them all to Earth on purpose, and is deliberately trying to keep them there. Of course, Knuckles flies into a rage and challenges Sonic to a fight to the last man. Meanwhile, Chris, Tails, and Amy have discovered the possible location of another chaos emerald, and set out to find it.


If you've ever wanted to see Sonic and Knuckles duke it out, here's your chance. That's not all that happens here, though. Everyone's favourite frenemies deliver the smackdown on Robotnik (what? Did you think he wasn't going to show up?), and Amy actually gets to do something helpful. Next to Chaos Control Freaks, this is the best episode yet.


Watch episodes here.


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