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Sonic X Blog: Party Hardly (Season 1, Episode 7)



With the month of March dawns the new edition of the Sonic X Blog, going over Party Hardly. As it goes, Chris's mother is having a party, and Chris has to keep Sonic and Co. hidden while it happens. This is complicated by Cream's desire to help with things, which usually creates a mess that has to be explained away. As well, Chris's teacher invites himself to the party, in an effort to find out if Sonic is hiding there.


It seems the creators of Sonic X were out to prove that they could do a Chris-centric episode well, after the dissapointment of Techno Teacher. The writing has gotten better, the characters don't act ridiculous, and the story isn't centered 100% around Chris. The only reason you shouldn't watch this episode is if you don't like the human characters


Watch episodes here.


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