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Creating an Animated Title Screen in in bB



If you're reading this, then you've already downloaded this test version of visualbB, if not you're not going to get this to work! One of the nice features of the title screen kernel is you can use the 48x1 mini kernels to create an animated component of your titlescreen. This example uses the ex3-animation images included with the titlescreen kernel.

1.Launch the Titlescreen editor
2.Add 5 new kernels with the following settings
 a.Kernel = draw_48x1_2
i. Image = gear logo.png
ii. Set the backcolor to white
iii.Check the colorcycle checkbox
 b. Kernel = draw_space
i. Spaces = 10
 c. Kernel = Draw_48x1_1
i. Image = animation stacked.gif 
ii. Set color to $77
iii.Change the kernel to Draw_48x2_1 (this is a trick to set each line color since this kernel uses a color per line)
iv. Height = 40 (This is height of each frame and is the an important for the effect to render properly)
v. Check the Animated radial button
 d. Kernel = draw_space
i. Spaces = 20
 e. Kernel = draw_48x1_3
i. Image = press fire.png
ii. Set the backcolor to white
3.Click Preview and you should see something like this 

blogentry-5778-129935356936_thumb.gif(click to see animated gif)

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