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Sonic X Blog: Game Boy Advance Video



It's been few dsays since I did one of these blogs (due to running out of episodes I've seen), but I do have one more card up my sleeve to occupy the time until I get my Satelite Swindle DVD. That card is the one and only Game Boy Advance video of Sonic X, which contains episodes one and two.


It always suprises me how well Game Boy Advance can handle full motion video, considering the nature of the handheld. Unless you're watching something like Spongebob Squarepants, the animation tends to be just as smooth as it is on a TV. Such is the case here, and I really appreciate it. Except in a few instances, everything looked just fine, and the sound was very clear. If you want to watch Sonic X while you're out and about, this is the best you can do (besides a portable DVD player).


As an interesting aside, a second Sonic X GBA Video was in development (and was probably pretty far along too, considering that there was a box image released). However, this was canceled before release.


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